Trinacria, breeder of happy dogs

The purpose of Trinacria dog breeding is to select and improve the Siberian husky. Its owner and manager, Dominique Firetto, cares deeply for the good physical and mental health of his dogs. He is recognized worldwide for the beauty, the work and the reproduction of his Siberian huskies.

The Siberian husky: a noble breed

The Siberian husky is an excellent companion dog, very intelligent and sociable. It willingly participates in all kinds of activities with its masters. As a pack dog, it enjoys a quiet life indoors in a family with children, as much as living outdoors - as long as it is with another dog. It's crucial for the husky’s well-being that its master stimulates it and provides regular physical activity.

Huskies live the good life in our farm

Our huskies live in complete freedom in 2 parks where they get to enjoy every season. In winter, we train them to sled for mushing. In the summer, we take them swimming. The rest of the year, they like to partake in activities such as cycling, rollerblading, running or hiking.

A true family companion

Our husky puppies grow up with us. From birth, they are in contact with humans and everyday noises (radio, television, vacuum cleaner, etc.) Once they become adults, our companions share our evenings. Although the Siberian husky is a dynamic dog that can live in the cold, it also loves the indoor warmth including the sofa and all the other privileges!

Exceptional care

Our Siberian huskies are brushed, washed, and treated against parasites regularly. We also test their eyes every year. All our puppies benefit from a 2-year health guarantee. When our husky pups leave the farm, they have been:

  • Vaccinated at least twice,
  • Microchipped and dewormed,
  • Socialized and pre-educated,
  • Registered with the Canadian Kennel Club.

The dog for you: sports or family?

Trinacria’s expertise will help you find the dog that suits you and yours: the family outing dog, the sporty dog for ski-joëring or sled teams, or a champion of beauty and agility competitions.

Adopt a Trinacria Husky

 We breed and train high quality puppies. That’s why we seek quality owners! The husky is an animal with great particularities. We love meeting future owners to clearly understand their expectations in terms of their puppy’s character. We rely on serious criteria, more than purely aesthetic. We also evaluate whether their family situation, their professional activity, and their other pets are compatible with the dog.

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